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Keep Caravan, Boat Or Car Safe With A Custom Steel Amercian Barn

Welcome to True Blue Sheds, your trusted provider of the finest quality American Barns, crafted to add an alluring rustic charm to your property. Rooted in a rich agricultural heritage, these iconic barns, known for their distinctive design and adaptability, serve a multitude of purposes, from housing livestock and storing crops to functioning as workshops, event venues, and much more.

Our American barns are more than just structures; they are symbols of timeless design, adaptability, and enduring appeal. We offer quality steel barn kits, customizable to suit your unique needs and the specificities of your Australian property. We have a range of optional extras available, including mezzanine floors, insulation, windows, doors, and more, to ensure that your barn shed meets your every requirement.

Why settle for the ordinary when you can experience the extraordinary with True Blue Sheds? Contact our friendly team today and let us work with you to create a functional, captivating, and value-adding addition to your property that perfectly suits your individual needs. Experience the True Blue Sheds difference today!

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Uses For Your New Amercian Barn

Horse Stables and Equestrian Facilities

One of the most popular uses for an American barn is as a horse stable or equestrian facility. The open floor plan and spacious design allow for comfortable accommodation of horses, with separate areas for feeding, grooming, and storage of equipment. The roof height provides ample height for hay storage and facilitates good ventilation, promoting the well-being of the horses.

Agricultural Storage and Equipment

With its large interior space, an American barn is ideal for storing agricultural equipment, machinery, and supplies. The barn’s open layout allows for easy manoeuvrability of tractors, trailers, and other farm vehicles. The versatile design can accommodate additional storage areas for hay, feed, and tools, keeping everything organised and protected from the elements.

Workshop and DIY Space

For hobbyists, craftsmen, or DIY enthusiasts, an American barn can be transformed into a spacious workshop. The open layout provides ample room for woodworking, metalworking, and other projects. The barn’s sturdy construction and ample natural light make it an ideal space for creative endeavours and a sanctuary for those who enjoy hands-on work.

Event Venue and Entertainment Space

With its rustic charm and versatile layout, an American barn can be converted into a stunning event venue or entertainment space. The barn’s open floor plan can be customised to accommodate seating, dance floors, and staging areas for weddings, parties, or other celebrations. The barn’s unique ambiance, coupled with its indoor-outdoor flow, creates a memorable setting for any occasion.

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Home Office or Studio

With remote working still a thing for many companies, a custom American barn can be transformed into a serene home office or creative studio. Away from the distractions of the main house, the barn offers a separate and inspiring space for work or artistic pursuits. With proper insulation and electrical wiring, it provides a comfortable and productive environment.

Gym and Fitness Centre

An American barn can be converted into a personal gym or fitness centre, providing a dedicated space for workouts and exercise routines. The open design allows for the installation of various fitness equipment, from weightlifting machines to cardio stations. The barn’s natural ventilation and abundant space enable a healthy and energising workout environment.

Storage and Organisation

For homeowners in need of additional storage space, an American barn can be a practical solution. From seasonal items and recreational equipment to gardening tools and household belongings, the barn’s open floor plan and customisable storage options allow for efficient organisation and easy access to stored items.

The American barn’s timeless design and adaptable nature make it a versatile structure suitable for a range of purposes. Whether you envision it as a horse stable, agricultural storage, workshop, event venue, home office, gym, or storage space, the possibilities are endless. By customising the design and layout to meet your specific needs, you can transform an American barn into a functional and captivating addition to your property, adding both value and charm.

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Would one of these barn sheds suit your property? Our quality steel barn kits can be customised to suit your Australian property, with a range of optional extras available to install including mezzanine floors, insulation, windows, doors and more.

Contact our friendly team today and let us work with you to create an Aussie made shed that suits your individual needs.


If you’re looking for a unique and aesthetically pleasing design, our American barns are the perfect choice. We take pride in offering structures that are visually appealing while providing top-notch functionality and durability.
American barns have gained popularity in Australia due to their versatility and functionality. They are perfect for various applications such as garages, workshops, storage spaces, or even as a place to house your livestock. Their spacious layout and attractive design make them a popular choice among Australians.
Absolutely! At True Blue Sheds, we understand that every customer has unique requirements. You can choose the size of your American barn to perfectly match your needs. Whether you need a smaller barn for personal use or a larger one to store multiple vehicles, we’ve got you covered.
When you buy an American barn from True Blue Sheds, you can expect top-quality materials and expert craftsmanship. Our barns are not only affordable, but they are also prefabricated buildings that can be easily installed at your property. We Also only use Austrlaian Bluescope steel and Colorbond cladding that come with a 20+ year warranty .

Why True Blue Sheds?

Local Engineering

We engineer your sheds for your exact site and local conditions.

26+ Consolidation Centers

Australia-wide delivery network covering most of the main population centres.

UP To 20 Year Warranty

Up to a 20-year warranty backed by BlueScope’s manufacturer’s warranty.

22+ Colours

Choose from over 22 standard Colorbond® colours, including Dover White.

Australian Made

We only use 100% Australian BlueScope® steel and Colorbond® cladding.

ShedSafe Accredited

Site-specific engineering means a building designed for your exact local conditions.

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