True Blue Sheds is ShedSafe® Accredited.

SHEDSAFE® is an industry accreditation scheme managed by the Australian Steel Institute. The program is designed to assist shed buyers to make informed purchase decisions when purchasing steels structures such as garages, carports, patios and shelters.

ShedSafe® is primarily about safety for consumers and protects their investment in a steel shed. Our customers can feel confident that the True Blue Sheds branch incorporates all standards set by the Building Council of Australia into the design process of each shed we sell.

ShedSafe® accreditation isn’t something a shed supplier can buy. To gain accreditation, our engineering software system, designs and engineering procedures were rigorously audited and certified by an independent panel of ASI appointed engineers and specialists.

Our ShedTech’s 3D software system is proven to surpass ASI guidelines and criteria. ShedTech provides site-specific engineering calculations to guarantee that the shed design is suitable for the end purpose, location, and environment.

You can have peace of mind your new building investment is strong and ShedSafe®.

True Blue Sheds has one of the biggest range of top quality steel sheds at competitive prices for every need, whether you are buying a liveable shed as a weekender, a custom carport, or a farm building.

So when you’re looking to purchase a new shed, check if the manufacturer is ShedSafe® accredited and uses state-of-the-art ShedTech quotation software….If they aren’t then you have to ask yourself….Why not?!!

ShedTech and ShedSafe® – giving you total peace of mind with your purchase decision!