Car Garages

After storage for your car or vehicles? We have just the thing!

Car Garages made from 100% Australian Steel

A car garage is probably the most versatile and common form of storage shed in the world. They come in all shapes and sizes, but essentially, they all perform the same task – to protect your car!

At True Blue Sheds we can supply you with the best car garage design with your car and your property in mind. Over time, our sturdy, fully-customisable steel garages have made us the leaders in the industry in Australia.

Car garages can serve many purposes, but ultimately, versatility is its greatest reward for a new owner. With your car parked in the driveway your garage can now act as;

  1. Extra storage space: declutter the house and put any unused items outside and undercover. 
  2. A workshop: a perfect place to work on your new project and store your tools and equipment.
  3. An artist’s studio: let your creative juices flow in your own private space.
  4. A garden shed: keep all your gardening equipment and materials locked away out of sight.
  5. A gym: a perfect place for a workout.
  6. Add a carport: now you can keep your car undercover while you use the shed for other purposes. The new space can cover a boat, trailer or caravan, or double as an extra entertainment area.

Custom Steel Car Garages

A new car garage from True Blue Sheds will protect your car and other valuable assets from the elements. We’ve got you covered from the blasting sun, the driving rain and especially hailstorms that can cause severe damage to anything outside and unprotected.

Car Garage Designs

Custom Garage Options

  • Eave Extensions
  • Fibreglass Skylight
  • Roof Ventilation
  • Horizontal Cladding
  • Insulation
  • Doors (Roller, PA & Glass)
  • Windlock Roller Doors
  • 10,15,20,25 & 30 Roof Pitch
  • Steel Sliding Doors
  • Dividing Walls
  • Mezzanine Flooring
  • Vermin Protection

Why True Blue Sheds?

  • Australian Made: Our sheds are only made from 100% Australian BlueScope steel. We only use genuine Colorbond and Zinalume cladding on our sheds.
  • Custom Designs: We custom make all of our sheds to suit each client to the millimetre. From 2 meters to over 25+ meters wide spans we can give you the design you want.
  • ShedSafe® Accredited: True Blue Sheds is ShedSafe accredited meaning peace of mind for you in knowing we compliant with the National Construction Code