Shed Accessories & Optional Extras

Customise Your Dream Shed With Our Accessories And Extras

Image of a shed window fitted to the wall of a shed.


Add natural light to your shed with our sliding window options.

2 car garage clad in Colorbond Classic Cream

Roller Doors

Roller doors: residential & industrial. COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME®.

Image of a glass sliding door placed in the side wall of a colorbond shed.

Glass Sliding Doors

Enhance your shed’s functionality with our glass sliding door options.

Shed with workshop built in

Framed Openings

Customize your shed with framed openings of any size.

Shed built in Nowra out of Colorbond


Extend your shed with our durable awnings. Learn more.

Photo of a shed beofre cladding with vermin flashing attached to the base.

Vermin Flashing

Protect your shed from pests with our durable vermin flashings.

Photo of a roller door with a merlin roller door motor attached.

Roller Door Motors

Protect your shed with our high-quality roller doors. Explore now.

image of the clear polycard sheeting we use for skylights in our sheds.


Bring natural light into your shed with our high-quality skylights.

Shed with a mezzanine built on the inside.

Mezzanine Floor

Create extra space in your shed with a mezzanine floor. Find out more.

Photo of Colorbond Shed Cladding Getting Tested in the harsh Australian Climate.

22 Colorbond Colours

Choose from over 22 Colorbond colours for your dream shed.

Image of a Night Sky Shed Whirlybird


Keep your business running with our industrial and commercial sheds.

Double Car Garage with a personla access door installed in the left wall.

Personal Access Doors

View our full range of shed kits available for delivery Australia-wide.

Image of a shed wall with insulation installed


Keep your farm produce or machinery safe with our range of farm sheds.

render of trimclad roofing profile

Cladding Profiles

View our range of Colorbond sheds with 22 colours to choose from.

Large industrial shed built on a commerical site.

Dividing Walls

Create separate spaces in your shed with our dividing walls.

Shed with Wainscot allowing for the shed to have 2 differant Colorbond colours.


Select your perfect shed and wainscot colour combo. Discover more.

Boat shed with classic cream walls and deep ocean roller doors with a gable roof.

Gable Roof

Traditional gable roofs come in various pitches to match existing buildings.

Image of a skillion shed with two roller doors,

Skillion Roof

Elevate your shed with a sleek, modern skillion mono-pitch roof.

Shed with a 30 degree pitch.

Roof Pictches

Choose from 8 pitches ranging from 5 – 30 degrees for Gable and Skillion.

Image of a shed built out of Colorbond with solar panels on the roof.

Shed Solar

Harness the sun’s power with our solar panel-ready sheds.

Render of C and Z sections

C Sections

C-sections: The smart choice for your shed. Find out why.

Render of C and Z sections

Z Sections

Z-sections: The secret to sturdy sheds. Find out why.

Render of 64mm top hat

Top Hats

Discover the benefits of top hat purlins and girts for your shed.