Open End Gable Sheds: Versatility Meets Durability

Whether you need reliable storage sheds for equipment, machinery sheds, or any type of farm building, our open gable end sheds are a terrific option. Open gable end sheds are also known as flow-through sheds. A flow through shed is generally a large farm shed that is clad on the two longs side with the two gable ends open. At True Blue Sheds, we custom design a range of rural sheds, fully tailored to your needs.

What are farm sheds made from?

Open gable sheds are constructed from a range of materials, including steel and Colorbond®. Steel is the most common material used in farm sheds because it’s durable, reliable and has a long lifespan. The average life expectancy of a steel structure is between 45 and 60 years.

The most common types of steel used for sheds are Colorbond® (a type of galvanised zinc alloy) and Zincalume® (another type of galvanised zinc alloy). Both products offer excellent corrosion resistance against both atmospheric conditions such as rain or sun exposure; however, they differ slightly when it comes to how resistant they are against fire damage: while Colorbond® has better heat resistance than Zincalume® at high temperatures (over 350 degrees Celsius), Zincalume® lasts longer than Colorbond® when exposed continuously to low temperatures (-20 degrees Celsius).

Render of open gable farm shed

Images Of Shed With Open Gable End Walls

Versatile, custom rural sheds for farm storage and more

Our gable farm sheds are extremely multi-purpose. They can be used for storing feed, machinery or equipment. You can also use them as a workshop.  These strong, ultra-durable sheds are open at each end for easy access, but doors can be added. But the lack of doors makes for excellent versatility, allowing livestock to walk in and out if used for feeding.

The lack of centre posts also means there is much more room inside the structure. So, if you need storage space for larger farm equipment, open gable end sheds are perfect. You can move around a lot more easily, which is great for driving large machinery in and out. Alternatively, you may simply need a large space out of the weather for projects, and a shed with greater span offers so much more flexibility.

Made from the highest-quality materials

All of our sheds for sale are made exclusively with Bluescope Steel materials. Our galvanised Bluescope steel frames pair with either Colorbond® or Zincalume® cladding (wall or side sheeting). 100% Australian-made, and best of all, Bluescope products come with a 15-year warranty.

We trust these materials because they’ve been thoroughly tested and proven to last in harsh Australian conditions. Not only does Colorbond® not peel, rust or corrode like lesser materials, but it also looks great for years to come with minimal maintenance.

ShedSafe® Accreditation

Here at True Blue Sheds, quality matters. ShedSafe® accreditation ensures our products are of the highest quality. Naturally, if you’re investing in any type of farm shed, you want peace of mind that it is built correctly. Not only do we build correctly, but we also ensure your new shed is built compliant with all Australian building codes.

A clean, modern design

Thanks to the stunning visual appeal of Colorbond® and Zincalume® cladding, your new shed is certain to look great for years to come. Our sheds add a modern look to any rural setting, and you even get a choice of colours. The Colorbond® colour range is inspired by Australia’s natural landscape, giving you a wide range of colours to choose from. Match to your home or to other buildings on your property for a stunning modern design.

When it comes to maintenance, you can keep your shed looking great for years to come. Naturally, in dusty conditions sheds don’t stay looking pristine forever. But with some simple hosing down throughout the year, our sheds stay modern and fresh for longer.

All you need to do is ask our friendly consultants and we’ll be more than happy to discuss all customisation options. From extra height, additional bays and much more, we can make your shed as wide as you need with a range of access points.

Want the best open gable end farm sheds?

If you’d like to know more about how True Blue Sheds can help, we’d love to hear from you. Your shed will arrive in kit form, ready to assemble with clear instructions. With some heavy work involved, we can even put you in touch with local tradespeople who can help with assembly. Call us on 1300 445 889 or use our Online Quote Request Form Free Shed Quote Request today.


An open-ended farm shed is a type of structure that provides a partially enclosed space for storing and protecting farm machinery and equipment. It typically features one or more sides that are open, allowing for easy access and ventilation.
An open-ended farm shed can provide several benefits to your farm. It offers protection from the elements, such as rain, sun, and wind, which can help preserve the quality and durability of your machinery and equipment. It also provides a secure storage space, allowing you to keep your farm tools and machinery organized and easily accessible.
The height of an open-ended farm shed should be determined based on the size of your machinery and equipment. It is important to choose a height that allows for sufficient clearance so that you can easily move your machinery in and out of the shed.
A gable roof is a type of roof design that features two sloping sides that meet at a ridge in the middle, creating a triangular shape. It is a popular choice for open-ended farm sheds as it provides increased height and allows for better ventilation.

What Custom Accessories Can You Choose?

  • Eave Extensions
  • Fibreglass Skylight
  • Roof Ventilation
  • Horizontal Cladding
  • Insulation
  • Doors (Roller, PA & Glass)
  • Windlock Roller Doors
  • 5,10,15,20,25 & 30 Roof Pitch
  • Steel Sliding Doors
  • Dividing Walls
  • Mezzanine Flooring
  • Vermin Protection
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