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Skillion Sheds

Skillion sheds provide an ideal solution for sites with existing buildings, or for those people who want a more contemporary look. A skillion shed is similar to a regular garage but has a stylish single or mono-pitched roof line. They are attractive as stand-alone buildings or they can be seamlessly integrated with existing structures by adjusting the roof pitch.

The True Blue Sheds team offers an extensive range of skillion sheds for commercial, rural and residential use. Our ShedTech Design software allows enormous flexibility to tailor your new steel building to address unique site and environmental challenges and meet or exceed all applicable Building Codes and Australian Design and Engineering Standards.

We can manufacture skillion sheds up to 3.6m high at the low end of the building and from 3m to 12 m wide. We offer a choice of three roof pitches – 5, 7.5 and 10-degree. If you need to maximise the usable space, then we suggest you add an awning to one or more sides. One or more roller doors can be added to any side of the shed, including the sloping sides for ease of access.

At True Blue Sheds we dont compromise on quality. We’re ShedSafe® Accredited and use only the best materials in our manufacturing. Our skillion shed frames are forged from premium Australian BlueScope Steel. We use heavy duty knee connections made from thick galvanised steel bolted together with a minimum of 8 M12 bolts per plate. Don’t be fooled by lower prices from some of our competitors. Before you make your purchasing decision, check they’re not using thin, lightweight tech screwed mainframe connection brackets that decrease the strength and safety and of your shed.

We offer multiple hold down options to assure the strength of your shed and make it easier to erect. Our industry-leading bracket options include embedded, bolt to slab and hinge up styles that allow you to pivot frames up for ease of assembly.

Choose from plain ZINCALUME® or the full range of COLORBOND® shades for roofing, siding, and raingoods. Standard BlueScope product warranties apply for up to 15 years and ensure your new shed looks good and remains a valuable asset for many years.

If you’d like to know more about how a skillion shed can provide you with more space, storage and protection then drop into our showroom today or give our friendly customer support staff a call on 1300 445 889 right now. Alternatively, you can add your project specifications to our secure Online Quote Request Form HERE, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.