Looking To Expand Your Self Storage Business?

Custom Self Storage Sheds For Your Storage Business.

True Blue Sheds offers self-storage companies almost unlimited options and styles when designing your next storage facility. We custom design a solution with our 3D design software, which gives you a live 3D view of the proposed shed. Your building can be a mixture of different-sized roller doors and personal access doors, giving you complete freedom over the design. You can have internal and external doors that best use your allowable space.

Self-Storage Buildings: Your Business Solution

Self-storage buildings offer many benefits beyond simple storage. They are a cost-effective choice for your business and offer unmatched convenience to your customers.

Unmatched Convenience

Our self-storage buildings offer immediate access to your customers’ belongings at any time, eliminating the need for them to travel to a distant location. Whether it’s furniture, documents, or seasonal equipment, your customers can easily retrieve what they need whenever they wish. Say goodbye to complaints about inconvenient access hours or locations.

Self Storage Sheds

Render of a square self storage building clad in colorbond.

Self Storage Shed Idea Gallery

Fully Customizable Self Storage Buildings For Sale


Investing in self-storage buildings for your business eliminates ongoing rental expenses that can quickly add up. With our durable steel structures, you’ll have a dedicated, secure storage space on your property, eliminating the need for recurring rental fees. Additionally, owning your storage units allows you to avoid the risk of rising rental costs or unexpected rate hikes.

Customisation and Adaptability

True Blue Sheds offer the opportunity to customise and adapt the space to suit your business needs. Unlike rented spaces with fixed dimensions and limited flexibility, our self-storage buildings can be modified to accommodate different storage requirements. You can add shelves, partitions, or even climate-control units, creating a functional space tailored to your customers’ needs. This versatility makes our sheds an excellent investment that adapts as your business grows.

Added Business Value

A well-designed and well-maintained self-storage building can significantly add value to your business. Prospective customers appreciate the convenience of having a range of storage spaces readily available. Whether it’s used for household items, office supplies, or as a document archive, a

Security and Peace of Mind With Our Self Storage Shed Solutions

When it comes to the security of your customers’ belongings, having your own self-storage buildings gives you greater control and peace of mind. With our steel buildings, you can implement security measures, such as locks, alarms, or surveillance systems. You can rest assured knowing that your customers’ valuable possessions are secure and under your supervision.

Self-storage buildings offer a range of benefits that make them a suitable option for your business. The accessibility, cost-effectiveness, customisation options, added business value, and enhanced security make our self-storage buildings appealing for businesses seeking a more efficient and personalised storage solution.

If you’ve been looking for an answer to expanding your storage business, consider investing in our self-storage buildings. They offer practicality and add value to your business while providing a space tailored to your specific requirements. Choose True Blue Sheds for reliable, durable, and customisable self-storage solutions.

Why Choose True Blue Sheds for Your Self Storage Building Needs?

Our steel sheds are only made from 100% Australian-made BlueScope steel, which we manufacture using genuine Colorbond and Zincalume sheeting. We can also give you the customised shed you need and want. We custom-make all of our sheds to suit each client to the millimetre. With spans from 3 metres to over 25+ metres wide, we can give you the design you want.

If you’ve been looking for a quality car shed that meets your needs and budget, speak to our friendly team today.


Self storage buildings are generally custom designed to suit each customers requirements. We can alter the width and lenth to suit any client.
The cost of a self storage building can vary depending on various factors such as size and the number of slef storage units built into the buildings. We are happy to supply you with a custom quote.

What Custom Accessories Can You Choose?

  • Eave Extensions
  • Fibreglass Skylight
  • Roof Ventilation
  • Horizontal Cladding
  • Insulation
  • Doors (Roller, PA & Glass)
  • Windlock Roller Doors
  • 5,10,15,20,25 & 30 Roof Pitch
  • Steel Sliding Doors
  • Dividing Walls
  • Mezzanine Flooring
  • Vermin Protection
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