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Building the Ultimate Man Cave

9 Things Every Man Cave Should Have

Whether renovating your garage or building a new shed, there are a few things that every man cave should have to allow you to relax in comfort. Of course, the ultimate man cave will give you a place to kick back with your mates watching the footy or cricket and space to pursue a hobby or two.

What You Need to Include in Your Man Cave

There are plenty of ideas on what a man cave should have, and we explore 9 must-haves for your Aussie man cave.

The Entertainment Zone

Many set up man caves as entertainment and relaxation areas, so an entertainment zone is a must-have. Whether you plan on having your mates around for the footy or battling the kids on a console game, setting aside an area is essential.

So what should be in the entertainment zone? A big-screen TV so you don’t miss any of the action, your console and some high-quality speakers should round out all the audio-visual tech you need.

Big Comfy Couches 

It isn’t a man cave without comfy couches. We know that relaxation is all about being comfortable, and no one wants to sit on a chair that may break at any time. When looking at seating, it’s certainly an area to splash out in – a couple of good-quality recliners and a couch or two that turns into a bed are great choices.

Smart Home Hubs

Depending on what you are using your man cave for will depend on the type of smart home system that is best set up. For those using it as an entertainment base, you may choose to use a smart home system that can control your lighting and air conditioning directly from your chair. While those using their man caves for hobbies may choose a smart home system to set timers, do conversions and maintain to-do lists.

Hidden Door

Imagine your mates turning up to watch the opening game of the NRL season, thinking they will be entering your man cave in a shed through the front door, only to be greeted by a bookshelf or a wall of cabinetry. Using a hidden door as an entrance to your favourite spot can be a great way to hide your man cave away from those you don’t want inside.

Air Conditioning

Whether you live on the coast of Queensland or outback WA, having your man cave air conditioned for comfort is essential. You could utilise a portable air conditioner. However, these can be noisy, and you need access to a window or door for the exhaust vent. If you have a window in the main section of your man cave, you could install a window air conditioner; these units tend to be much more affordable and easy to install.

The best option, however, will be to use the services of a licensed air conditioner installer and have a reverse cycle air conditioner installed.

A Bar or Drinks Cart

If you have the space, a bar is a great addition to your man cave. You can either go all out or keep it simple when it comes to bars. If you have the ability to include plumbing, a wet bar is the best choice. For those without the ability to install plumbing, a dry bar can be done just as well. Make sure you include a fridge and freezer to keep those mixers cold and whiskey stones even colder.

If you don’t have room for a bar, a drinks cart tucked away in a corner can be a great way to store your bottles.

A Home Office

It may sound like a strange addition to your man cave, but setting aside a small area for a home office is perfect for those who like to get things done in a quiet setting. Whether you like to turn your hand to writing in your spare time or use the space to draw up your next metalwork design, a home office space gives you some additional space to follow these dreams. Just make sure you keep a dedicated spot for your man cave office so it doesn’t overtake the whole space.

A Games Room Element 

Having a games room element in your man cave is a great way to let off a little steam, spend some time alone or socialise with your mates. Billiards tables, pool tables and poker tables are popular additions to man caves; however, you could also include a dart board, a pinball machine or your favourite retro arcade game.

A Fireplace

We’ve already mentioned the air conditioner, but if you live somewhere where it gets a little cold in winter or at night, a fireplace is a must-have. While it isn’t recommended to install a wood-burning fireplace without correct venting, you can install an electric fireplace that can give you the look you’re after, as well as help heat the room.

man doing woodwork in his shedBest Man Cave Ideas 

You know you want a man cave, but you aren’t quite sure what theme you’re after – we have some great DIY man cave ideas to get you started.

Sports Theme – add in astroturf and raised seating to make it feel like you’re at the game with a beer.

High End – use wooden flooring, use dark wall coverings, and add in a chrome billiards table and bar area.

Sophisticated Lounge – build in a bar, find some old-style leather chairs and furniture, and add in a chess board to enjoy a game over a whiskey.

Fitness Zone – use your man cave garage to get fit. Add in a home gym, a rock climbing wall, and make sure you’ve got power so you can pump the music and air-con to beat that summer heat.

Small Man Cave – or the man and kid cave. If you’re a gamer, this space is perfect for spending time with the little men (and women) in your life.

Old School Cave – if you’re a lover of pinball machines and retro gaming machines, your modern man cave can be transformed into an area to entertain for hours.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Man Cave? 

Many people decide to use a basement or spare space in the house for their man cave, but if you don’t have that space or simply want to leave the house to the rest of the family while you can relax in your man shed, you are probably wondering how much it can cost to build the perfect space in the backyard.

At True Blue Sheds, we have a range of options for your mancave, many of them DIY, which means you save money on labour costs and can put the shed together yourself. On top of the cost of the shed, you also need to consider the cost of decorating the interior in the style and decor you choose.

We can help you find a shed in your budget.

sign saying warning, man cave, enter at own riskDIY Man Cave

Building your own man cave is all part of the experience, and many men look forward to putting together their own place. DIY steel shed kits are our speciality, and most standard models can be erected in a weekend if you have the tools and you’re handy.

Our unique design software allows us to provide fully customisable shed kits. We can change the dimensions, style, and colour and add a long list of additional features, all to suit your needs and your budget.

If you aren’t handy or don’t have the tools to put together a shed, this is a great time to invite some friends around, pop on a BBQ for them and get your shed built. Alternatively, a builder or handyman will be able to construct your shed for you.

Man working on his toy plane in his shedFinding Your Ultimate Man Cave Shed

When it comes to finding your ultimate man cave shed, you need a shed that is built to live in. By installing a shed that meets the Class 1a liveable dwelling, you can allow for plumbing and electrical work that wouldn’t usually need to be installed with a regular shed.

True Blue Sheds, we believe that your man cave should be more than just functional – it should be comfortable, and you should be able to add in all the additional extras you need. We offer a range of optional extras in our liveable sheds, including:

  • Skylights
  • Roof ventilation
  • Insulation
  • Mezzanine flooring
  • Dividing walls
  • Variety of door options

 You can also add solar panels to the roof, making your man cave environmentally friendly.

Build Your Ultimate Man Cave 

Our DIY shed kits are made from 100% Australian BlueScope steel and use genuine Colorbond and Zincalume cladding for all our sheds. With our 3D design software, we can help you create the man cave of your dreams.

If you’ve been looking for a DIY man cave where you can congregate with friends on a comfy sofa, True Blue Sheds has a great range of liveable sheds that you can turn into your own Aussie man cave. Whether you want to watch sports with friends or have your own personal retreat, talk to our friendly team today.

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