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Considerations For Purchasing A Shed Or Garage

Investing in a steel structure of any kind is serious business. Not only will it require a financial outlay, but you also need to ensure it is structurally sound and safely secured at your property. And for this to happen, there are several considerations for you to ponder before signing the dotted line. True Blue Sheds have outlined a couple of the factors that you need to address before purchasing your new steel garage.

What do you need a Shed for?

Store a boat, car, or motorcycle? Or maybe you want an additional storage facility to clear up all the clutter in your house. Either way, you need to identify everything you intend on keeping in your shed or garage, and then you will need to ensure you have measured them so that you can be sure they will fit in your garage. These measurements are extremely important, and you will also need to consider them when looking at the dimensions of doors and other access points to ensure they will all fit inside your new building.

You may want to use your new steel structure as a living area or games room. Whatever your intention, you will need to disclose this information when purchasing your shed – as your intended use for your new steel building could alter the classification and overall engineering of your new building.

Deal only with a Reputable Shed Company

Unfortunately, the shed industry has seen their fair share of rogue dealers, but there are some good shed companies supplying premium quality steel buildings, engineered to the highest standards and designed to withstand New South Whale’s harsh environment. True Blue Sheds is one of these distributors. 

ShedSafe Accredited

True Blue Sheds is proudly ShedSafe Accredited, which means our products have been assessed by the governing industry body to ensure they comply with the Building Codes of Australia.

Site-Specific Shed

Make sure your building is engineered specifically for the site you intend to build on. True Blue Sheds don’t pre-manufacture our sheds, and all of our sheds are designed specifically for your site. We look at things like region, wind speed, topography, terrain, and shielding. Our engineers will then use this information to determine the technical details for your shed.

These are just a few of the considerations you will need to assess before buying your shed. When it comes to a steel building as large as a shed or garage, don’t cut corners to save a dollar, ensure the safety of you, your family, workers, and property come first and get a building that is sturdy, durable and will last a long time.

True Blue Sheds supply a large range of steel garages, from single lock-up garages, to multi-car sheds, storage sheds, and workshops. Call us today on 1300 445 889. 


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