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Vermin Proofing Your Shed

Vermin Proofing Your Farm Shed

The last thing you want in your farm shed is rats and mice destroying belongings stored in your shed. They are dirty and extremely annoying, and they can play havoc with electrical wiring and expensive equipment. Here are some tips on how to protect your farm shed from rodents this summer. 


Eliminate the risk by cutting back branches, and getting rid of unnecessary clutter from around your steel structure. 


Rodents can get into even the smallest of gaps, so be vigilant when looking for openings in your steel farm shed, and seal them the best you can. Mesh is particularly useful in keeping rats and mice at bay, but there are also many other alternatives. Do some research online, and find out what works best for your rural building.


Set up taps in various areas of your farm shed – but remember to check them regularly to ensure you haven’t caught anything. These guys can get very stinky if left too long. 


Especially on a farm, this should be a last option, but there are various poisons you can get to kill these rodents. The only problem is, that dogs and cats that then catch the dead rodents are at risk of also getting poisoned. Do your research first. 

Prevention is always better than the cure. Ask for Verma-seal, vermin proofing when you purchase your shed from True Blue Sheds and it will go a long way towards eliminating these troubling little pests. 

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